in an era of change

The people who work at Metalloinvest are boosting the Company to industrial leadership through the development and transformation of production. In an era of digital transformation, miners and steelworkers preserve their allegiance to the profession and loyalty to the common cause, just like the previous generations who worked at the plants. Times are changing, but the core element remains: employees united by a common goal. A new digital era has arrived, an era of transformation. These changes will be successful if people are prepared to expand their horizons and learn new skills.

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Holding Company Metalloinvest and its subsidiaries comprise a group of mining and metallurgical companies whose profile includes the production of high-quality iron ore, metallized products, and high-quality steel products.

Metalloinvest’s mission

To support global technological development with a responsible approach to the environment through the high-quality production of iron ore products and and metallised products.

Sustainable Development Strategy

Metalloinvest carries out its business activities, including sustainable development activities, in accordance with its Development Strategy. The Company takes a flexible approach to shaping the Development Strategy: it goes through four stages of development with a detailed analysis of the Company’s effectiveness and market trends and is updated annually. This makes it possible to effectively manage risks when planning activities and implementing projects as well as optimize budget planning.

Statement from
the Chairman

I am pleased to present Metalloinvest’s first Sustainability Report

Key Results

Environmental Responsibility

1.3 RUB billion allocated for the modernisation of enterprises
7.2 RUB billion spent on the environment and invested in environmental protection
+8,4 %
increase in waste recycling in 2018
-4 %
reduction in solid particles emitted into the atmosphere

Responsibility to Employees

44,303 people number of employees at the end of 2018
3,195 RUB million social support expenses in 2018
1,583 hours invested in employee training in 2018
45,700 RUB average monthly salary at the Company in 2018

Occupational Health and Safety

1.5 RUB billion spent on occupational health and safety
injury rate (LTIFR)

Contribution to Social Development

5.3 RUB billion total investment in external
social programmes in 2018
208,000 people number of direct beneficiaries
of the Let's Do It Together! programme
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